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Nationwide Delivery

We Ship Anywhere!

National Truck Driver Crisis
Minor delays in shipping from any state expected

1 Contemporary Furniture ships factory direct to the home or business via independent trucking companies like Fed X And UPS. And we ship to almost any commercial address in the USA FREE on most orders. And we ship to a third party overseas shipping companies of your choice or ours. You (Or Your Receiver) is guaranteed to receive your furniture in good condition without exception unless you (or your receiver) signs for it as good and it is damaged. If your furniture has transit damage it will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Local repair in your city is often the fastest and best way to repair small issues. You have a right and a responsibility to inspect upon delivery.

Home Delivery

Estimated Delivery Time
1 Contemporary Furniture estimates delivery time based upon the track record of each factory. Our estimate for delivery is on your invoice at the top.
Any delivery date provided by 1 Contemporary Furniture is an estimate only. The estimated delivery date is to the factory warehouse in the U.S. Additional time is required for home delivery.

Home Delivery Service
We offer factory direct shipping to the home. Most of our products are assembled at the factory. We do not sell cheap RTA (Ready To Assemble) furniture. Minor assembly is often required on large pieces like placing a dining table top on the base. The fastest and cheapest home delivery is curbside or in home delivery without assembly, and book assembly with Handy. White glove service from factory to home is available for many areas. If white glove direct is not available in your area, you can always ship to a moving and storage company near your home.

Trash Removal
White glove home delivery does not include trash removal. You own the box. It is illegal for trucking companies to haul trash across state lines. And, items returned must be returned in the original box.

International Shipping
We offer express service by sea to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Europe via ocean freight. Air freight is very expensive. Most international customers pick up in the USA with their own shipper. We ship to any port in the USA.

Free Commercial Shipping
We offer FREE commercial shipping on many products (Alaska and Hawaii not included) via independent trucking companies. In order to qualify for commercial delivery, you must have a business (or commercial receiver) that accepts freight from 53' trucks. This may include farms, country clubs, hotels but can not include a residential address. You must be present at the business location during business hours to assist in unloading.

We offer the lowest price allowed by the factory. We also offer package prices on large orders. If you cancel any item on the invoice regardless of how small - any discount you received is void and canceled.

Your Door Size - Dimensions
Factory dimensions for items are posted online or available by request. 1 Contemporary does not know the size of your doors. It is 100% the buyers responsibility to determine if the furniture will fit through the doors at your home. Large items like beds and dining tables are broken down for shipping. This allows all large items to fit through standard size doors assuming a straight and level pathway on both sides of the door. It is the buyers responsibility to make certain that the furniture fits in elevators.

Damage Claims
If your furniture is damaged or defective it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. No returns or cancellations on custom made and special order items. If the furniture can be repaired locally - this is often the fastest and best option. Call us immediately when damage or defect is discovered. Damage claims must be reported to 1 Contemporary Furniture via e-mail of fax with photos within 24 hours of delivery. Damage claims that are not reported in writing with photo's within 24 hours of delivery will NOT be honored. Damage to marble (or any natural stone) is rarely permanent and may be repaired.

Warranty Claims
The factory is liable for express warranty. Warranty claims must be submitted directly to the factory within 1 year of purchase. No warranty is expressed or implied by 1 Contemporary Furniture. The factory decides warranty claims based upon evidence that you provide. Such evidence must include good photographs of the defect. The type of warranty issued by each factory varies from full or limited warranty.

Most of our products are assembled at the factory. When necessary large pieces are partially broken down into small pieces for shipping. Obviously, you can not ship a bed completely assembled in one box. Therefore, some minor assembly is required on some items.

Small Items
Small items will be shipped FREE via UPS Ground to your home or business address.

Changing Delivery Destination
We will try to help you but we can not be responsible for extra freight charges incurred if you change the delivery destination while the furniture is en route. There is no guarantee that you will be able to change the delivery destination while the furniture is en route. Extra freight charges may apply.

Jurisdiction for legal disputes is Beaufort County, South Carolina (USA).

Collection Proceedings
In the event that 1 Contemporary Furniture has to begin collection proceedings due to none payment in order to recover our furniture, you (the buyer) are responsible for attorney fees and court cost.

1 Contemporary Furniture reserves the right to change our shipping policy at any time. Please
print a copy for your records on the day you place an order.

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