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Return Policy - Terms and Conditions

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 7 days and receive a full refund on your order. Sales on custom made and special order items are final. No returns, cancellations, or refunds allowed on custom made (or special order) products. You can not return an item because it is damaged in shipping. We will replace damaged merchandise free of charge. You can not return an item before it arrives because your order is delayed in shipping. You are responsible for shipping charges to return any item. A 20% restocking fee applies to all returned items.

To Qualify For Return

Items must be returned without damage in the original packing. You are responsible for shipping cost to return an item. DO NOT DAMAGE THE PACKAGING. Please notify us immediately if you intend to return a purchase. If your furniture is damaged in shipping the damaged piece(s) will be replaced (or repaired) free of charge. You can not return items because they are damaged in shipping. You must wait on a replacement.

Freight Charges

You must return items at your own expense. Freight charges for return items are your responsibility. You must return items to South Carolina (or to the original point of manufacture). Authorization from 1 Contemporary Furniture is required prior to the return of any item. We will give you instructions on where and how to ship. We recommend that you insure returned items for the full value of the item shipped.

Customer Made & Special Order

Sales on custom made (or special order) products are final. No returns allowed on custom made or special order products. No returns on international shipments overseas, outside the USA.

Warranty Claims

The factory is liable for express warranty. Warranty claims must be submitted directly to the factory within 1 year of purchase. No warranty is expressed or implied by 1 Contemporary Furniture beyond the return period stated in the return policy posted online. The factory decides warranty claims based upon evidence that you - the customer provides. Such evidence must include good photographs of the defect, and a statement of why you believe that the product is defective. The type of warranty issued by each factory varies from full or limited warranty. Our products are advertised for home use. Commercial use of our products is not covered under factory warranty.

Wood Products

Wood products require special care and must not be abused. When exposed to high tempeture wood may warp or crack. When wood is exposed to moisture it may warp or crack. Abuse is not covered under factory warranty. Wood has knots. A knot in the wood adds more appeal and is treasured by wood craftsman. Knots in real wood are normal and admired by most wood craftsman. Knots in wood do not qualify as factory defect or for return. In addition, thick solid wood often has cracks. Such cracks are common in very thick wood.

Natural Earth Stone

Like travertine, granite, and marble that we offer are made of polished real earth stone. The stone is NOT coated - you touch the earth. Real earth stone has fill. Our stone is available polished like a diamond - never coated. Pits in real stone are not factory defects. Fill is not a factory defect. Extreme heat may cause damage to the fill in the stone. Abuse is not covered under factory warranty. High tempeture can damage just about anything - including natural earth stone.

Color matching

1 Contemporary does not guarantee or imply color matching with other products, unless made by the same the factory. Matching color with products purchased from another source is not a condition that qualifies for return. strong>No warranty for color matching with other products is expressed or implied.

Digital Photography

1 Contemporary uses the most advanced digital photography to capture the true look of each product. Color settings on any computer monitor may be vary. Make sure your color settings in your computer are set to the default. Always request samples before ordering custom or special order products.

Collection Proceedings

In the event that 1 Contemporary Furniture has to begin collection proceedings due to none payment in order to recover our furniture, you (the buyer) are responsible for attorney fees and court cost.


Jurisdiction for disputes in court is Beaufort County, SC (USA).

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