Novo White Dining Set

Novo dining set with expandable table in White Lacquer finish.
Table $ 2,150 | Buffet $ 2,150 | Upholstered Side chair $ 395 ea. | Arm chair $ 450 ea.
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Novo White Buffet

Buffet with glass top: 80" x 21" x 34"H
Novo in White is stunning or you may have dark brown below.
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Novo Dining Set

Novo expandable table in dark brown real wood veneer and off white micro-fiber chairs.
Table $ 1,895 | Buffet $ 1,995 | Upholstered Side chair $ 375 ea.| Arm chair $ 425 ea.
Table dimensions: 78"/114"W x 42"D x 30"H. Made in China.
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Novo Dining Set

This Novo dining set in the same Very dark brown in the photos above.
The buffet appears to be dark brown but the table and chairs appear to be black. This is because there is a fine line
between dark brown and black. In some lighting conditions dark brown may appear black.
The Novo dining set above is very dark brown, almost black. Photo by the factory.
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