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Italian Stone Furniture

Italian Stone Furniture

Dining, console, coffee, and end tables custom made in ANY stone.
Green Onyx | Red Onyx | Walnut Travertine | White Travertine | Black Marble | White Marble
Granite | Imperador Marble | Imperial Onyx | Fantastic Onyx | Princess Onyx | Tivoli | Grey Marble w/Crystals

Italian Crocc Leather Italian Stone Furniture Italian Stone Furniture
Grey Marble Italian Croccodile Green Onyx Red Onyx
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

All pieces available in any stone. Some items in stock in the USA. Travertine is the most popular and
affordable of all the stone. Travertine can be unpolished, polished, white, or walnut. Walnut travertine is the most popular travertine.
Only the Tivoli cream marble comes with tiny Swarovski Crystals embedded in the stone.
The Tivoli is one of the most beautiful and affordable stones. See Stone Samples.

Italian Stone Dining Italian Stone Dining
7016 Square Walnut Travertine Walnut Travertine 2 Fantastic Onyx
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

Green, red, princess, and fantastic onyx are semi-precious stones meaning light passes though it.
Green onyx is the most sought after of all stone. As a semi-precious stone it is one of the hardest and most expensive. Green onyx
was first used during the days of the Roman Empire as dinner ware for kings. Today green onyx cups, religous symbols, and other
products are produced in the Middle East. Our green onyx furniture comes from an old river bed in Italy. Polished and fashioned in Italy. See Stone Samples.

Imperial Stone Dining Italian Stone Furniture Italian Stone Furniture
8046 Dining Imperial Stone Milan Coffee Round Stone
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

The 8046 dining table in Imperial stone will take your breath away. The Milan coffee table is perhaps the most popular
coffee table in the collection. The Imperial stone is off the charts in appeal. All natural earth stone made in Italy. See Stone Samples.

Unlimited Size Italian Stone Furniture Italian Stone Furniture Contemporary Home Theater
Stone Unlimted Pedestals Italian Travertine Stone Bookcase
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

The lighted stone pedestals are really stunning especially in onyx. Onyx is a semi-precious stone meaning light passes through it.
Prices by request only. This solid Italian stone furniture represents art and design on a Michelangelo level. See Stone Samples.

Crystal Stone Dining Two Stone Tables Princess Onyx
Tivoli Crystal Two Stone SI Woven Leather Princess Onyx
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

The Princess Onyx is the most beautiful of all stone. Made in Italy.

Contemporary Dining Furniture Wood Stone
Desert Stone Moon Stone Imperador Stone Wood Stone
Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made Custom Made

The moon stone offers the finest Italian stone furniture.
Every table shown in Imerador stone is available in any Italian stone.

Bell Granita
Special Order

For those on a limited budget, The Bell Granita offers man-made stone with reclaimed wood. It is affordable and
it is beautiufl, but Bell Granita it is not real earth stone, and it is not Italian like all the other collections above.

Italian stone samples. Each table is avaiable in any stone.

Suede samples for custom Italian stone collection.

Leather samples for custom stone collection.

Fill and Mineral Deposits
Natural earth stone is sedimentary rock formed as the result of deposition by springs or rivers, composed largely of limestone or calcium carbonate colored by impurities such iron oxide and carbon in the form of coal deposits and the consolidation of the skeletons of marine invertebrates. There may be coal deposits in white travertine but not in the other earth stones. All natural earth stone contains fill as shown in the sample of walnut travertine above. Fill is NOT A FACTORY DEFECT. Without fill your table would look awful like below. See Stone Samples.

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