$ 5,980 - #3064 green onyx console table - Dimensions: 67" x 22" x 29"H. Onyx is a semi-precious stone.
The test of a semi-precious stone is that light passes through it. Each cut is unique.
This cut is off the charts in appeal. Also avalible iwth crocodile leather base.

$ 5,980 - #3064 console table base in princess onyx. Available in any stone.

$ 5,980- #3064 green Onyx console table with metal base.

$ 4,695 - #8017 coffee table in green onyx
$ 3,750 ea. - #8015 end table in green onyx
$ 4,760 - #8014 console table in green onyx.

$ 8,570
#9369 Green Onyx Dining Table | 59 x 59 x 29"H. | Round Available Dia 51, 54, or 59
Green Onyx is a precious stone. A table made of any precious stone is pricey.
Light passes through precious stones like Ruby's and Onyx. Made in Italy.
Mined from an old river bed near Rome. Prices by request only.

$ 2,650
Green Onyx #9025 lighted pedestal shown with light off gives the true color of the green
onyx stone. It is a semi-precious stone because light passes through it. Once
used to make dining ware of kings and queens green onyx has been formed into there extraordinary
pieces of furniture to make furniture for you.
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 30"H or 36"H or 42"H. Can be ordered without light.

Contemporary Solid Stone Dining Furniture

$ 4,695
# 8017 Double End Green Onyx Cocktail Table
The stone is a brilliant true white with ultra light green onyx tent. There is no
yellowish tent as appears in the photo above. Also available in any of the earth stones
such as black and white marble, red onyx, or walnut travertine for example.
Taken from an old river bed near Rome, Italy the green Onyx Italian stone is breathtaking. Imported from Italy.
Allow 4 - 5 months more or less for delivery.
Prices by request only.

This beautiful green onyx table (# 7055) shows the TRUE COLOR of the green onyx
natural earth Italian stone. Each piece of stone is unique. Some have more or less
brown veins but all appear white in color. Most stone tables do not have as many striations
(looks like cracks) in the stone above. This is not a factory defect. To the contrary this piece is
very special because of it's many striations and is not for sale. On display in our Showroom.
Table available in any earth stone. Prices by request only.

# 8017 Double End Green Onyx Cocktail Table.
Made in Italy. Allow 6 months more or less for delivery.

Prices by request only.

#8014 Console table w/ Green Onyx | Wenge wood finish
This product is available in any of the natural earth stone. Onyx and marble are the most prized and expensive.

Green Onyx stone in natural unpolished state.

Notice the grey/green color of the rock (photo above). This is the light green/grey that appears in the new green onyx, as it should. Imported from Italy. Allow 6 months more or less for delivery.

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