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Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture

1 Contemporary offers a large selection of modern designer furniture for every room including bedroom, dining, living room, home theater, office, and accessories. We ship factory direct commercial or factory direct to the clients home. Designer furniture is often defined as such because it offers many options. For example, the Rotola Italian leather sectional shown in the photo above is available in different grades of leather, and many exciting colors. And it is available in different configurations, sizes, and shapes. But Rotola comes from just one of over 40 top name furniture brands that we sell. Our famous brand names employ the most renowned contemporary furniture designers in the world such as:

Rick Lee
Nolen Niu
Carl Miller
James Dipersia, president of the American Society of Home Designers
Nicole Miller/Excelsior Designs
Robert L. Ebel
Poolo Cattelan
Jade Friedman
Jim Calhoun
Vladimir Kagan
Giorgio Soressi/Natuzzi - Winner - 2008 Pinnacle Awards
American Society of Furniture Designers
Excellence in Furniture Design

Italian Designer Furniture

Luxury Designer Furniture

The Bellagio Italian bedroom set from Excelsior Designs represents modern classic design and is a great example of luxury Italian designer furniture. Bellagio is offered in rosewood only, but each bedroom set from this extraordinary collection is offered in a different exotic wood like sycamore, burl, and rosewood. Metal trim in this collection is always surgical grade polished stainless steel. Designer furniture like the Bellagio collection is high-end, but interior designers can do miracles with discount furniture too.

Luxury Designer Furniture

Luxury Designer Furniture

The Hula-op Italian coffee table is another example of fine Italian designer furniture. The table base and legs are available in different metal finishes. This famous Italian table has been copied in China. The copy is not anywhere close to the quality of the original Italian made table above. The mushroom sofa also pictured above is custom made in North Carolina. It's extraordinary furniture not only because of it's unique contemporary design, but also because it is custom made in your choice of fabric, suede, or leather.

Italian Stone Designer Furniture

Use Interior Designer or Design Your Own?

The green onyx tables (made in Italy), design your own rug (made in America), and Italian leather sectional in the photo above all came from the same designer furniture store - 1 Contemporary Furniture. You can usually tell where the furniture is made by the price and always by the quality. Can you tell if a professional interior designer designed the room above? Or was it designed by the customer? The answer: All done by the customer. Only the drapes are an issue to some contemporary fans. However, mixing contemporary with traditional is called eclectic design. A good example of eclectic design is the old ships wheel on the Star Ship Enterprise. Eclectic design incorporates time into the design mixing the future with the past. Eclectic design is a very effective tool if used in an appealing way. In addition, eclectic design in the photo above fits the customers taste and his life experiences. The three most important principles of furniture design are design, appeal, and functionality. But interior design reflects ones life, feelings, belief, and taste. The interior design of any home makes a statement about the personality of the home owner. The drapes in the photo above reveal the customers past connection with European design, in particular the UK. The customer is from Jamaica, a former British colony and commonwealth today. Every sailor will say that the sun never sets on the British empire. The Italian stone reflects the customers heart for the Caribbean - a place where there is great love for the earth and nature. A professional could not have done a better job in the design of this room. Our customer who designed the room in the photo above on his own, gets an A+ rating in Interior design because the customer has talent, and extraordinary taste in designer furniture.

Designer Furniture

Many Choices in Wood Furniture

The Visions dining set is custom made in California in 13 different wood finishes. The visions dining set above is a good example of quality furniture using top-grade sliced veneers on an MDF core. MDF stands for "medium density fiberboard". It is used as a core in kitchen cabinets and in the finest furniture today. MDF does not bend or warp when exposed to moisture. Its the perfect core to hold veneer. The type of veneer varies from exotic woods found in luxury Italian furniture, to melamine - a plastic man made veneer found in discount furniture made in China.

Natuzzi Italy Leather Samples

Designer Leather

Natuzzi Italy offers the finest Italian leather in many grades and colors. There are so many stunning colors. Today the consumer is left with many confusing choices in leather, many different grades of fine leather, and all complicated by the new man made leather. The man made leather, like natural cow hide leather, can vary from very good quality to very poor quality. Not only is the quality of leather important to the couch, but the quality of the stitching is important. And most important is the quality of the foam. Look for authentic Italian furniture if you want the best quality designer sofa, sectionals, chairs, and couches. Everyone in the world admires fine Italian designer leather. To the contrary, if you want the best price you will find that the man made leathers are most impressive. Designer leather may be grain corrected or not corrected at all. Most American consumers purchase from the middle grade - and they always expect some grain correction. Without grain correction, you real leather looks more natural - like the side of a cow. Man made leather does not have grain issues. The grain is perfect because it's made by a machine to look like a cow. But nothing in this world is finer than quality Italian leather for living room and bedroom furniture.

Outdoor Designer Furniture

Outdoor Designer Furniture

Today designer furniture is available for every space in the home including outdoors on the porch or patio. This modern stackable outdoor furniture is made of woven PVC in these extraordinary outdoor designer colors. This collection of designer outdoor furniture is an example of very good quality made in China. In fact, the weaving of PVC is a very difficult and time consuming process. But it produces outdoor furniture that last and will not tarnish under normal use for as long as PVC last. Considering that fact that PVC is used in all the plumbing in homes today, our guess is that it will last at least 100 years. And the cushion covers are removable. The covers are made of a special fabric for out door use. The cushions are fade, stain, and water resistant.

Touch and Feel is Everything

When selecting wood, fabric or leather. Selecting is best done in person at a furniture showroom. This is why so many online shoppers today demand that we have a designer showroom. There are many choices and many grades of leathers. In Italian leather, we like the middle grades for two reasons. One is that the high grades of Italian leather are often more natural than Americans are accustom to. The other reason is that the middle grades are thick and lush but have more grain correction that Americans are use to. 1 Contemporary Furniture sends fabric and leather samples thru post mail to consumers nation-wide. In wood we like real top-grade sliced veneer on an MDF core. Our favorite woods for modern designer furniture today are the same ones that have been respected and admired for centuries - the best woods are maple, mahogany, cherry, teak, oak, cyprus, burl, walnut, sycamore, and rosewood. Rosewood has all but disappeared. Large pieces have teak have disappeared. The Bellagio at the top of this page may be the last rosewood left in modern dining furniture. Our favorite choices in the Italian stone furniture are the green and red onyx, but custom order these tables in any stone. You can see why many consumers trust a professional interior designer to help with all the choices. Either way, you too will become hooked on modern designer furniture and accessories. Modern designer furniture today represents creative thinking at it's best.

Discount Designer Furnuiture

Selecting the Type of Furniture, Fabrics, and Leather

The Ludlow Tufted Leather Italian platform bedroom set above is a great example of discount designer furniture made in China. You have a few choices of colors. Of course Ludlow is not made of fine Italian leather or fine man made leather, but its made well. Ludlow is not expensive but worth the money to everyone except those who demand the finest quality. Ones budget is a huge a factor. Selecting the type of furniture is also based on the four types of designer furniture; modern classic, contemporary, traditional, or transitional furniture. Also, the origin of manufacture determines if you are buying European, Italian, Canadian, American, or Chinese made furniture.

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