Klauss Contemporary Limited Edition Art Collection

In Tune

$ 875 Framed | Dimensions: 30 x 40"

In tune (shown above) is typical of this extraordinary contemporary art collection from East German artist Victor Klauss. Rich vibrant colors and a romantic theme are obvious. Harmony demands that not only is the piano in tune but so is the couple. In Tune displays the brilliance of this contemporary artist. Klauss always includes hidden messages addressing modern issues with his contemporary style. The largest collection of artist Victor Klauss found anywhere is on display in our Showroom. Each series contains about 500 limited edition copies. The original is destroyed. Certificate of authenticity included. .

These Limited Edition paintings are selling out fast. Once they are gone that is it. We may see new pieces from European artist Victor Klauss (or we may not), but the present collection (pictured here) will fade into history soon. Order yours today.

Circulating 2

$ 995 Framed | Dimensions: 39 1/4 x 47 3/8

Circulating 2 represents creative contemporary art with traditional appeal. It's full of rich soft colors and a beautiful silver crackle frame (shown above). Choose any frame from the Klauss collection. It's all custom framed to order. What is the theme in Circulating 2? It takes a long time to study this modern art before reaching any conclusions. The Klauss Contemporary Art Collection is usually about something deep in the soul. Our guess is that Circulating 2 is about growing old or lack of self esteem. Shown with our Eli Pub Bar.

Or it may have something to do with the fact that Victor Klauss is not the artist real name. Is Victor Klauss a known European artist or just an extremely talented unknown? We may never know. Regardless this art makes a serious statement. Klauss stands out above everything we have seen in modern contemporary art. And we know that soon each series pictured here will be sold out and become discontinued soon.

Island Girl

$ 975 | Dimensions: 39 x 59

Island Girl reminds us of The Bahamas or the Caribbean Islands. She has beautiful rich deep pastel colors. Her island culture shows in every dimension. Island Girl is most casual. Do you know why most of the houses in the Caribbean islands are painted in beautiful pastel colors? It fits the beautiful colors of the islands of course but the beautiful soft colors are also believed to keep away evil spirits.


$ 995 Framed | 53 1/4 x 43.5

A new edition to the Klauss limited edition contemporary art collection, Julie is very special. Julie appears to be reading a book. The vibrant colors in person are extraordinary.


$ 995 Framed | Dimensions 58 x 47

Caresse is another new addition to the Klauss modern art limited edition oil collection. Framed in a thick black frame with gold trim, you can choose any of the frames you see in the Klauss collection.

Klauss # 13060 Bargain Hunting Street People

$ 875 Framed | 35 x 47"


$ 950 Framed | Dim: 30 x 40

Look in the left bottom corner for the number 1/500. This is limited edition #1 of 500. It is not for sale but we will be glad to order a limited edition just for you. On display in our Showroom.

Candace # 14643

Candace - $ 995 (shown above) is one of our favorite Klauss pieces. No one is sure about what the message of any Klauss painting really is, but you can be assured there is one hidden in this art. 1 Contemporary Furniture has always believed that Candace is gay. If so, he is a prince in oil to be admired and enjoyed for generations to come. Candace always brings a smile to any face.

Dim: 30 x 40

Thoughts of When | Male

$ 850 Framed | Dim: 24 x 30"

Thoughts Of When | Female

$ 850 Framed | Dem: 24 x 30"

In Fours # 14414

$ 1,278 Framed | 36 x 48"

In Fours is pictured (above) with the frame wrapped in clear cellophane. The frame is acutely chocolate brown. But you can have any frame from the Klauss collection.

Klauss | Repose Natural Women

$ 995 Framed | 27 x 49 1/2"

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